StarCraft 2: 15 Hellbats vs 1000 Drones!

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Well……..BBQ TIME!!

Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos. I hope you guys enjoy this one!

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BeastyqtSC2 says:

Ideas for next ones? 🙂

Phill Gizmo says:

new update, firebat's friendly damage, bleu flame liquid not to specs – mech armor issues reported. terrans as alwys

Brave Insanity says:

Firebats > Hellbats.

Kit ßallarɖ says:


Michael Leem says:

At around 600 units you can see the point where Beasty went "Ah fuck it. I'm going straight to 1000".

Trevor Wong says:

Looks like some sort of insect infestation getting BBQed…. I feel itchy

Corey Lightman says:

what is the purpose of this video?

MisterFister says:

You say, "too many drones," and I say, "Not enough medivacs."

playwars lemassacreur says:

This video should be renamed "Hmmmm…..Barbecue…." XD

Thrifty Ultra says:

50 hellions vs 100 queens

GhostMihneaRo says:

they've put themselves in a nice position when the drones surrounded them, if the drones would have been burrowed underneath them… well they would still win but with more casualties.

wowJhil says:

So none of my tactics would work, dam it! 😀

黃宇豪 says:

beastyqt: i've no right to let them live!

Leon Schiffler says:

"Look at that Mech cost efficiency!" – Beastyqt, after witnessing the slaughter of 1000 innocent drones.

Goaltender X says:

I hear screaming zerg players in the distance.
Zerg Players: MY DRONEESS!! nuuuuuuuu! T_T

DiaveD says:


romas011 says:

Love the smell of toasted Zerg in the morning!


Lurkers vs workers

Dr Prabal says:

get a good pc man

Robert bubák says:

you just love murdering workers, beasty, don't you? 😀

BeastyqtSC2 says:

If you want this map, go in arcade and search "lotv unit test" and it should pop up.

Adrian Tudor Paunescu says:

hello beasty , quicktip , workers aren't getting the damage upgrades , which is odd

Daniel Kim says:

youre breaking my zerg heart 🙁

Gedoshiumazis says:

Widow mines vs Banelings!!!!

Dominykas Kuliešius says:

ummm what is this mod ? or link

mikey0188 says:

Lol that last drone

Tahmid Tanveer says:

archons or colossus vs SCVS

Yang says:

omg the red screen haha

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