WHICH DRONE SHOULD I BUY? Which is the BEST drone? Spark? Mavic? Phantom? Typhoon H?

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I am often asked the question “what camera drone should I buy?” I usually ask what the drone will be used for and most times I get the response “I want to look at the roof on my house.” Why would anyone speed $1000 for a drone to look at their roof???? That response tells me that the person doesn’t have a clue why they want a drone which then makes it impossible to suggest one. In this video I cover the very basic features of the most popular consumer hobby drones on the market today and how they are different. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone considering buying their first drone.

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Raven FPV says:

As far as the Spark goes. Always go for the fly more combo with the controller. Dji aren't good on instructions & forget to say that some functions are unavailable on the Android system. Gimbal control is available only on Iphone systems for instance. The control overall by using a mobile device is more difficult & lacks the range obviously than if you use the spark controller. Hopefully firmware will solve some issues.

Gary Mayo says:

I know something about landing the Typhoon H you are most likely not aware of. It has an auto landing feature. I have no idea why the company does not tell dealers and owners of this, but it is great if you know how to use it. Do not push and hold red button in a hover above 1 meter or 3 feet. At 3 feet in a hover about to land, just push and hold the red button, and the Typhoon H self lands, without hopping or moving about. At touch down it lowers motor speed to idle, and then turns off at 3 seconds. https://youtu.be/tBr65QxYMfk

Gary Mayo says:

You are the most fair and unpartial reviewer on You Tube. You are a God!

Gary Mayo says:

I own a Typhoon H Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, and a Inspire 1 Ver 2.0. The best of the lot is the Typhoon H for fun and safe to fly. Hands down. There are 5000+ combos of phones and tablets you can saddle up to the DJI products and the firmware is very complex trying to sort all that out. You will have a different experience from others because of the phone or tablet you use, a major down side. The only one with a 100% complete ground station is the Typhoon H or the DJI with built in screen. The majority of functions are on the screen of the DJI, and the majority of controls are on the controller of the Typhoon, making the Typhoon much more professional and easier to use. The Typhoon H has a built in glare screen, the DJI products do not. The Typhoon has 6 motors. Lose a prop or a motor, and it does not crash. Lose a prop on a DJI product, and the crash will kill the bird. Unless you need to do complex mapping, the Typhoon H Pro is far superior to anything else under two grand, period!

The Goulds says:

should I buy the spark or the phantom 3 standard

Brommakisen says:

No, my tv is 4K not HD… don't impose your world to others just talk facts

DivisionRc says:

Mavic totaly for photography and reliability

martin Arnaud says:

do you know where can I find out if I can fly my done in playa del Carmen, Cancun ?

lasersbee says:

Great Detailed review…
Just found our something I didn't know about the P4P and P4P+ and you confirmed my flight times of my P4P+ .

IMNNO says:

The Bebop 2 currently has an amazing price in a competitive (compact non-professional) market. It offers a decent price to performance ratio. I’m interested to know your opinion.

Great Review btw 🙂

Tom Spurlock says:

Phantom4Adv = 1mi range, maybe 2mi in the desert (don't believe DJI's spec). Phantom 4Pro = 5mi range using 5.8Ghz. That's why you buy the Pro.

Matthew Pom says:

Captain drones I have questions? I own Yuneec Typhoon H Pro witch one is better the DJI inspire 2?

Diaries of a Dreamer says:

This is the first video of your videos I ve watched, you should definitely have more subs, great job, excellent production and script

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