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Follow up VIDEO can be found here explain who is affected by this!

This is an attempt to explain why the Swedish authorities has banned all flying with UAV Camera Drones at the moment.
Sometimes it seems that democracy can F*CK itself really hard with a legislation that is way older then what is acceptable.
Hopefully the law will change, but at the moment the camera surveillance law needs to be updated.
Until then businesses will die and people will be out of a job!

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1HarryH says:

Big boys protect their business with these kind "law and rules".
Drones are so cheap way to capture and inspect things from the air.

snkparty1 says:

Will they send you to jail if you start recording and then throw your iphone into air…LOL

Stuart Winfield says:

Thanks for sharing. Interesting video. Planning to visit Sweden later this year so good to know.
Just subscribed to your channel; please subscribe back to see a bit of Australia. Just starting out and imagine the laws may change here too.

kaimelis says:

they are braking the democratic rights with this bullshit.

alessandroz75 says:

Hello I live in Sweden and I think this absurd law and wrong, you can not collect signatures to get it ?? Signatures to be presented to the government, there website to (( change. org )) which can be good for this , what you think?

Sven G says:

So are webcams illegal too ?

Anilton Neves says:

Thanks for the info man!

Pidde says:

Why can you you record what you want with a phone, gopro, and a regular camera in public when you can't fly with a drone. it's more violence of itregity (sorry if I spelled that wrong) if you record people with your camera than if you record with a drone, that's my opinion

Christoffer Lindelöf says:

a total ban is not optimal, I as a swede agree. for example, i know of very many good uses for these machines. i know farmers, television etc. still these cameras can remove the freedom of the people. it is not completely retard to ban these until good regulations regarding them are set up.

Ange1walk says:

Sweden is toast, worst country in the EU Now they have so many problems

Michael Vettas says:

But filming from a helicopter and a balloon is ok? no different to a drone, seems like a knee jerk reaction and the politicians needed to make a swift decision quickly, and its easier to ban then work out a reasonable solution

Gerrie Warner says:

I just posted this illeagel video I made today .. https://youtu.be/1fuHl7PxJFQ

Edvard Rølvaag says:

Just ban technology and creativity in general. Give the people stone age tools and tell them to dig a hole in the ground the rest of their life. Creativity is dangerous. Creativity kills people every day. They can't have double standards like this.

Franchells Design says:

I wish that they realize more about the pros of using drones to develope the future in sweden!

Mr Anderson says:

What about dash cams on cars. Or cameras on tesla's for the autopilot systems.

Also you had better tell the worlds security agencies that their satellites are banned.

Lau Bjerno says:

Haha, velkommen til ForbudsSverige. Men jeg tror, du har misforstået visse detaljer.

91Chanito says:

i still fly, We shouldn't stop flying, laws are made to protect other people not to limit our freedom.

Ben Portman says:

good luck Swedes, I think we're next here in the U.K, but feck it, the worlds gone mad, and I can always claim I went mad for a bit too 😉

wwbdwwbd says:

What's next? Are they going to ban eyeballs? Because ultimately, your eyes are what enable video surveillance.

Nim Boo says:

In that case all cctv surveillence should be banned with the exception of highly sensitive areas to national security.

Nim Boo says:

Sweden forbids its free citizens from drone go pros yet has itself set up surveillence cctv cameras everywhere including inside elementary school buildings to surveill the children not to mention on countless street corners and sidewalks every bus, taxi and train.
Kind of like how Democrat Americans will gladly forbid honest citizens from keeping constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms yet have not a single compunction about freely arming their criminally murderous genocidal Government and its army of stooges that run rampant all over Earth slaughtering the innocent.

Ian Witten says:

0:12 I think I went there on vacation in what is the location and name?

Harald Scherr says:

Men om det bara är en fpv kamera på som sänder till en skärm som int kan spela in? Är det lagligt???

peter gaumer says:

Sweden has long ceased to be a democratic country

Antonio Grubišić says:

Thumb up from Croatia !

cyano Devacc says:

does it make a difference if you use a camera with recording functions like a gopro, or just a fpv cam with goggles?

WarblesOnALot says:


Bottom Line..,

A Swede is nothing but a Kissing-Cousin to a Turnip ; snd they're well known to spoil the Soup.


Ciao !

Joe Ees says:

So in theory a professional photographer setting their camera on a tripod and using a remote to activate it to minimize camera movement would run a foul of this law?

Karl Zieritz says:

Does this mean that dash-cams in cars are illegal?

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