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We got to race drones at Tranmere Rovers Football ground. DRE events (Benj) did an excellent job of organizing the race and was sponsored by and also big thanks to for letting us have the event there and helping organise it.

Yeah Lad Check this:

Would you like to try this? Get everything you need from here:

Thanks to these people for supplying me with the best gear and keeping me in the air:

Deathly Quad ( Specs:
Armattan Chameleon Frame (
Cobra motors CP2207 2450kv (
HQProp 5×4.3×3 V1s Durables (
TBS Unify Pro V2(
TBS Triumph Antennas (
XM+ Receiver (
Runcam Swift 2 2.3mm lens (
Tattuu 1550mah RLINE 4s Battery (
GoPro Session 5

Taranis Plus Radio
TBS Crossfire (
Dominator V2 Goggles (
TBS Dominator RX (

Go Fly, Have Fun!

Tom Smith FPV
FPV Weirdo
Mini Quad

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reckless fpv says:

Duuuude I seen the rtf builds on quadcopter UK I'm not normally into rtfs but dayuum

paulie lie says:

Nice flying Tom thumbs up

David Kraft says:

THIS. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. I love that you don't use a stupid steadycam. Dronecam is the bestcam. Keep killin' it mate! Freestyle UK and still hits a gate better than the boss. That mythical creature will be defeated. you know that ajamfpvkid's gonna kick your ass though.

Dan Williams says:

Ah man, I live literally a 2 min drive from there. Is it going to be a regular event?

Adam Potts says:

Aw no missed the takeoff!

Tony T says:

Sick flying!how many racers that day?

Pudsey - Rc says:

Quad Gremlins
they rip mine to bits all the time

David Lougedo says:

That one lipo tho!

Dave Pitt says:

It's faster Ben :')

Absolut FPV says:

Such a playful style. Love it!

Giulio Lucca says:

That power loop through the flag tunnel, did you mean to hit the gap between the last flags? That shit was sick!!!!

Jester Waterwizard says:

amazing flying great stuff

Borninvincibl3 FPV says:

that music tho.

CoVa fpv says:

haha love the "gate assisted" flat spin @ 4:07, Great freestyle!

John Doe says:

maybe if you have c-clips and over tighten they become bent? Or maybe something dealing with the aluminum? or maybe the nylon in the nut? If you tightened them more than normal leading up to the final, I would call that a clue. light, lock washers might not be a bad idea. Well the freestyle was awsome.

UM says:

Freestyle bit was bloody awesome lad

Savage FPV says:

There needs to be some form of central go to place for these events – i had no idea it was happening either !

Mikey Dread FPV says:

Great flying Tom

Jamie Knight says:

that is quality

Jason Kostrzebski says:

Epic flying again lad great video keep em coming Tom and well done to smoky n pboy great pair of lads from ukds

Smokin Mesa says:

Best performance seen on that pitch for a while!

Surprised they let you TBH but looked awesome.

serval FPV says:

ragdolled stadium :0

Tom Skaret FPV says:

Sick start :O

Mordte FPV says:

Bloody Hell Lad! Didnt know this was on, just round the corner,,,,!! Nice vid mate.

NJ Tech says:

nice mate! 🙂

senseTUBE says:

reckon you just smacked a few of them gates on the way lad .. and loosed a prop nut looked like it the speed you were goin..

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