The Making of Walt Disney World’s First Drones Show | Disney Springs

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Watch how our Imagineers and Walt Disney World Creative Entertainment worked with the experts at Intel to bring this experience to Disney Springs this holiday season. Learn more about the holidays at Disney Springs –

You can wish upon a holiday star during “Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration” daily at 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. until Jan 8.

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The Making of Walt Disney World’s First Drones Show | Disney Springs

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zoë dodson says:

i can't wait to see this technology incorporated more into the parks shows!

Cinda Crane says:


Dhaval Kadia says:

The #Amazing Creation !

The Mouse Diva says:

15 more days and we are at Disney World!!! Can't wait to see the show!

Wesley Whiteside says:

This looks amazing!

G1 Smokescreen says:

We need this in Disneyland/California Adventure, asap!

Seong Choi says:

Mind Blown But I live in California 🙁

Lameashellcosplay says:

it's not really a recreated tangled scene but okay

Nicholas Pesch says:

For Disney, this is the most lit Christmas ever!!!

Christopher Rosado says:

this is pretty awesome

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

this is actually pretty cool

EverydayDisneyMagic says:

This looks amazing! Definitely would love to check it out in person sometime!

Jabari Cooper says:

I want a drone for christmas

OnTheGoWithCarson says:

Love this! How unique.

StitchTehZombie says:

I wish there could be more or longer documentaries about the making of different attractions or shows, instead of just short clips. I really want to know more about stuff like that.

BrenLubers says:

it's amazing!!!

Elliot Edwards says:


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