Parrot Education – Learn and teach STEM with drones

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Discover how our Parrot Education program teaches students about programming and robotics through fun.

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The droner says:

That's cool! I love my bebop 2

Simon Lucas says:

j'adore mais à quand un bebop3 ??????????????

Xommep says:

Anything except of Bebop3. It's a shame.

Jazeera Sadikh says:

I have a drone but it is not parrot . it is smart drone. where we get parrot drone . say . I am in Dubai so you can send

Nathan Askew says:

Apparently if you change your location to USA you et better range but how do you do that

Nathan Askew says:

I know I set it to 2000m but still nothing

Nathan Askew says:

I've got a bebop and it breaks up and looses connection at 700m

Nathan Askew says:

my drone doesn't go as far as it says it can but good video anyway

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