The Most Feared US Air-Force Drone in Action : MQ-9 Reaper UAV

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This video shows the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper UCAV in action during Taxi, maintenance, take off, and landing. This video also shows the inside of a MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1 Predator “cockpit”.

Video Credit: US Air-Force ,Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

Thumbnail Credit: US Air-Force , Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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Steven Abraham says:

Windows XP ended updates/support April 8, 2014, Get a new IT guy

j Law says:

no need for troops….just drone fck em to their knees…

Shriman Yogi says:

Pakistanis out there must be very nervous.. Hahaha

Wutangbang says:

These guys need gamer equipments

Constantine Koteles says:

could ISIS handle this?

Dimitris kapoios says:

It's definitely a cool plane. But I hate both its use against civilians and the redneck comments in this comment section.

132456 NSC says:

i wonder if the predator missile glitch is actually the us army equipment used on the battlefield ?

no name says:

pew pew little children and women imma shoot a you

눈꽃변태 says:

머지 이소리는 제트프로펠러?

amira hocine says:

This plane is very dangerous a civil.

Betty Weller says:

I can not believe it was so great. I like this plane very much because it is very modern

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