Instant Airspace Authorization for Drones!

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More about LAANC:

If you’re looking to be a commercially certified drone pilot in the US, enroll in the Drone Pilot Ground School below.
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Ed Ricker Vlogs says:

More about LAANC:
If you're looking to be a commercially certified drone pilot in the US, enroll in the Drone Pilot Ground School below.
Get $50 off by using the code: RICKER50

Above The Pines Productions says:

Excellent information, I'll have to look into this. The process with the FAA, however, isn't all that bad. I have authorizations for several airports in Fayetteville and Raleigh areas (required ones). The FAA was very helpful with all of them, they called me about 2 weeks l, after my initial submission, to clarify the specific boundaries, and within a few days of that I had them. They are good for 6 months at a time. When they get within a month I simply submit one request to renew the listed authorizations. That way I keep them up all the time.

Neon Eckharts says:

This is such amazing news!!! awesome


Great, thanks for sharing!

Jay Malone says:

I heard about this instant authorization a few months back….been waiting on it! It will be much better. Even my FAA contact said it would be so much better!

Ben Lin says:

Does the air-space class restriction apply to recreational pilots as well?

RaGeZaNeNbG says:

Small airports follow this as well, the one near me has no info.

Dave Hein says:

Well done, Ed. I was just looking this over the other day for my area. It appears right now that the only airports that show these low altitude grid maps are the smaller, non-primary NPIAS airports. Larger primary airports like Chicago O'Hare, LAX, and others have done their maps already but they aren't published yet… as they're most likely still going thru FAA review & approval hoops. One of the FAA sites I visited noted that updated maps will be rolling out on about a 56-day cycle to sync with the Chart Supplement publication cycle. So we should be seeing more and more grids on AirMap as these roll out. The cautions all still remain, you need a COA, but this will radically improve the approval process.

Michael Palmer says:

Plus they are adding new airports to the UAS Facility Maps every 2 months when the Nav charts update. I think the goal is to eventually have ALL airports on the map. Gotta Love it.

Bill The Drone Reviewer says:

Very well put together Ed ! This is going to make a world of difference for those of us who fly commercially !

Coast to Coast Drones' says:

Thank you my BOA …..sending a question to your FB fan pager !! it's kinda on this format …holla when you have a chance …thanks in advance …Peace be the Journey !!


Jeff Walrich says:

FIRST! – I love this and AirMap

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