Homemade drone catcher

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We have seen various mechanisms instead of drones, our construction is unique and maybe it is the first homemade, anti-drone gun.
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Jabrik Box says:

it so cool man

Muhammad Shahryar Khan says:

I don't have these tools at home…… lolz

dony sagolsem says:

seems like mission impossible for DIY .

kyle velasquez says:

you can't call it home made because most of the parts are machine fabricated

Bayu Septi says:

It's not a homemade,, i don't have all that utility at my home..

Rolf Nilsen says:

"No drones were hurt or killed making this video" 😀

Cool build!

David Shvangiradze says:


Ughie Devil says:


Χρόνης Ποθουλάκης says:

Μπράβο συνεχίστε την καλή δουλειά παιδιά.

Goku 4 says:

It'll be nice if you guys use texts of objects on the screen when showing it to them so we can buy it. Please tell the vdeo editor to put some texts.

Мухаммад Алфиан Невянто says:

the real of rambo

Manto _ says:


rizky darmawan says:

perasaan Ribet banget bikinnya

Gerard Thiebaux says:

Toute cette énergie dépensée pour…..pas grand chose. Mais bon pourquoi pas !

Mohd Hafiz says:

Take my money

hacking tosh says:

wow nice for catching bird

kadek widi artana says:

Dude this help me aloot because my neighboard have drone and it spying on my home

The Linux Nerd says:

Looks like Make It Extreme got a new toy for his Lathe!

Didik Hermawan says:

Joss tenan koe kang,

Abhisek Thakur says:

Ah! Thats very easy to make at home coz we all have those pneumatic drills and welding equipments at spare in our home..

jason morgan says:

this guy Haaates drones

weerayut kanta says:


Sting Me says:

When we can buy that? because not everyone can made that thing at home… so awesome..

Danish Ibrahim says:

can i buy it

Aaron Alkarim says:

nice and really cool !!! but i think i need little variation to use tht!.
such as change the Nets with a largest woman underwear to pack tht drone down ,and then send tht drone back… hahahahha!

Cristian Cabero says:

Buenisimo! Exelente! . Al principio pensé que harias un arma electromagnetica o algo parecido nunca pensé en que harias una red atrapa drone. Toma tu like

721NewBrunswick says:

Thats just badass! Nice engineering

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