Mandatory Drone registration for the UK (22 Jul, 2017)

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Britain looks to be following Canada’s lead in the area of drone regulation by requiring all drones over 250g to be registered and demanding that people pass a written exam before being allowed to fly such craft. In this VLog, I discuss the sensibility of such a move.

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RC NINJA says:

that's it I've had enough, I'm selling my fruit bat

Andy W says:

You're bang on Bruce, spat my boiled egg out when I heard!! Let's all get bowler hats on and make some more 'regulation' mmmmmmm

Unix Nerd says:

But the Brexiters told us the evil EU was responsible for all the silly rules and regulations we have to follow.

David Morgan says:

All this has come about because of a VERRY VERRY small  minority of IDIOTS. Why don't the governments spend the money setting all this up, on catching the culprits and then give them VERRY HEAVY fines; that way they will make a lot more money for the their coffers than charging a few quid to register a drone and take a course on safety. It all makes me SO ANGRY!!!

King´s Fpv says:

Hi Bruce! Portugal want to make the same rules… i can't understand!!!

prep0wer says:

All Airbuses can fly autonomous.

John Kodolemos says:

well said sir,loved the stairs part

andy parry says:

The real reason? When the government get the military or the police to do something illegal (usually against protesters), they're worried that they will get filmed from above.

andy parry says:

It's another TAX. Charge to go on a bullshit course. Course probably run by one of the big UK companies, with a Tory MP on the board of directors/consultants.

If the government thinks people who drop drugs in to prison are going to register their drone, they're more deluded that I already thought.

Aidan Hughes says:

I live in the uk and the previous rules were absolutely fine. These new ones an absolutely disgraceful. Most of my quads are over 250 and o way in hell am i going to register them with the money hogger government. Before in the UK if we wanted to use drones as a commercial use we had to take a test which takes a long time to prepare for. I agree with what you say about them picking on the drone/multi-rotor community. Its an easy way for them to get more money.

petwog says:

Man you are such a fantastic smart-ass. Great presentation of a counter argument against such stupidity. I fly in the US and my "registration" stickers have been pealed off and thrown in the circular file can. No refund of my money however!

wordreet says:

This is the crap we were all worried about, since other countries often follow the UK's lead.
And this is after the regulators took on board expert advice senior members of the British Model Flying Association!!
Ah, wait! If I have a 250g drone, can I then add a camera to it? Or is 250g an all up flying weight? What if I use a bigger battery? Will I have to use a lighter camera?
There's no proper explanation of that sort of malarkey either.

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