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Pete Zereeah says:

I could just see that thing flying over my Uncle's gun club range. You ever see what happens to the ball fetcher cart at a driving range? This would be better. I could just imagine it…."Look, there it is! INCOMING! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!"

Ears Of Doom says:

Practicing my long distance lasso and whip skills for this shit. I don't even want the packages, all drones must die.


Or the law can just say you're gone get life in prison if you shut down any drone in the air not just amazon drones ….

Anthony Maldonado says:

God Bless America

FunTime Freddy says:

fuck you amazon

Landon Dunlap says:

There needs to be some type of prevention system that makes sure that the drones aren't taken by people. In theory this is a genius idea and has endless possibilities but how can we prevent people from for ex. shooting one down?

Hugo Roger says:

How much would shipping cost to Brazil? 😀

18AngelS Student says:

such great vid

GameStar Nick says:

Amazon Prime air hope it is not $50+ of my monthly savings gone!

Wyndham Burney says:

Do not be so short-sighted to rule out the advancement of drones in our everyday lives. Carefully consider this advancement that we have taken for granted throughout the centuries: information by word of mouth > written text > mail service > telegraph > telephone > email > pager > cell phone > internet > primitive social media > smart phone > smart watch > virtual reality. It is naive to simply dismiss this by saying "Trust me, that will never happen." We live in a world where most people said "Trust me, Trump will never be elected." Just because it is new doesn't mean it is impossible. Tesla is making a statement against the combustion engine. Pay close attention to where we are heading technologically; our future depends on it.

Brad Barreau says:

Can you keep the box? I need a place to store Lego

Angelo plays Minecraft says:

Its like the movie were the dorks diliver the baby

EricaYE6 says:

I bet that costs a fortune.

Doodle Bob says:

nice ass container it comes in

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