You just mist me! (RC planes, drones and FUN)

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Flying RC planes and drones in the fog, plus all the usual antics, on a mid-winter’s day in the Southern Hemisphere.

And for the benefit of the moaners, our models were in sight at all times and here are the regulations:

101.209(b) A person must not operate an aircraft to which this rule applies in —

(2) meteorological conditions that obstruct the person’s ability to maintain visual line of sight of the aircraft.

As you will have also see in the video, we could hear manned aircraft even though we could not see them and we had a radio on to listen out in case anyone was in the vicinity. We only flew when it was safe and compliant with regulations to do so.

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Ami sh says:

is that opening your best skitzo impersonation? lmao

bronco7905 says:

Love me some moonlight sonata!

Cartman says:

he really needs to mix up flying locations, at a airport would be my last choice

The Killer Spud says:

I've had a ranger EX for about a year now. Great planes for some more relaxed FPV flying or long distance stuff. The number one mod I would recommend is larger low-bounce wheels, it'll stick to the ground like fly paper when landing.

Sterby jr. says:

The best way to maiden a plain white plane is with a uniform white foggy background in misty air.

Rui Garcia says:

Hello Bruce, could you please make a new video of the system Sense And Avoid (SAA).
And also comment this:
TBS Crossfire and FLARM partnership to provide collision avoidance systems for FPV drone pilots

stephan devriesere says:

Are you allowed to fly rc at an airport ??? I thought all airports are restricted and no fly zones for rc planes and/or drones.

Pașca Alexandru says:

Helicopter taxiing the runway… Now that's what I call a waster of time and fuel.

choll says:

this may be a bit irrelevant but was that a New Zealand Falcon at 1:30??

Oscar Thorpe says:

do you think a nitro motor would have less vibration?

Oscar Thorpe says:

i thought it was pronounced vOH-lan-tex

Ben Wilson says:

CAA would have banned flying in the rain if it had occurred to them.

Michael Ormiston says:

Much prefer the classical music on the flight footage 🙂

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