Drone Footage Captures Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction In Houston, Before And After Flooding | TIME

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Drones captured breathtaking images of the devastating floods caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, where more than 20 inches of rain have fallen between Aug. 24 and Aug. 28. Aerial footage provides a stark contrast between Houston highways in June of this year, when sunshine beamed down on clear roads, and the drowned roadways shown on Aug. 28. Tropical Storm Harvey continues to batter the area with rain and flooding, and is expected to drop buckets of water on southeastern Texas until Wednesday. The storm is expected to also impact parts of Louisiana.
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Drone Footage Captures Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction In Houston, Before And After Flooding | TIME

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Michael Cobbs says:

Donate: http://www.preemptivelove.org/

Byrd Main says:

i like how it's called footage, when it was recorded.

xdkos man says:

Higher powers punishing the hell out of this liberal city!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creativos Estudio says:

people. this is fake news. as all american citizens know, climate change doesnt exist… thts a lie from evil leftist! fucken commies. this is cgi obvioulsly…

Billy McAuliffe says:

So trump sead no such thing as global warming ??? Ummmm what you say Harvey ???

Bread Knight says:

can we not give $ to any other country till we fix home?

deathstr1ker6666 says:

Japan designs their buildings with big quakes in mind that happen maybe once or twice every 100 years. Gulf coast states get hammered year after year after year and do nothing LUL

cambodiantunechiVEVO says:

really bro?

Guest Guest says:

The power of nature made visible.

Turd Doodlesworth says:

I'm sure the fiscally conservative gov. of Texas will reject money from the feds as they don't look for handouts. Everyone knows a small government, low tax, service cutting state, will have enough resources to handle a situation like this.

Jane Doe says:

I think it is an excellent idea that you have your "drone" in the ski.  It may "spot" something that is not "spotted" by other in the boats or other types of aircraft that are also searching for others in need.  If you use this "drone" to seek for others in need – then go for it…

Smooth says:

Where is the help we tax payers payed for

BrotherWoody1 says:

Keep your drones out of the Houston skies. They're already congested with aircraft rescue missions. Except for emergency aircraft, Harris county should be a no fly zone.

simon gentry says:

FAA prohibits drones during emergency services operations – regardless of whether pilot has FAA Part 107 license a TFR and NOTAM has been issued for the entire Houston greater area – also please note – the FAA is using videos like this to locate owners of drones and prosecute – both owners and broadcasters are liable and can be fined $25k per instance.

H Pn says:

Houston will take years before recovering…that water will damage infrastructure big time. Force majeure! Nearly all contracts contain this clause. Insurance companies will go.bankrupt. I'd sell insurance stock today.

Lots of cash lost but at least people are alive!

I estimate damage in trillions. People need to think about relocation. Companies need to also think about it.

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