Latest 4 Anti-Drone Guns and Inventions to take Down illegal Drones in 2017

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How do you take down an illegal drone? Here are 4 amazing anti- drone guns and tech gadgets.

1. Drone Shield

2. Skywall

3. Excipio Net Gun Drone

4. Drone Defence

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friend2truth says:

Amateur drones invade privacy and deserve to be shot down and stomped.

jonnypanteloni says:

i counted 2 inventions

admindragon34 RBLX 'HELP ME' says:

I'm not spending millions of dollars to get a spying drone off my yard. If the government wants to go after people shooting them down, they're going to get a huge beating from the constitution stating the rights of privacy.

Ромашка 1941 says:

You know what's more effective and much much cheaper? A 12GA shotgun with bird shot.

Kitsune samurai says:

Jammer is more likely to be used because you can't possibly miss, but the net could be more useful incase of a malfunction in the jammer's system.

Amar Trbonja says:

Can you imagine an idiot with this anti drone weapon near White House or some airport pointed in the air.Nobody well notice the drone.In few minutes anti terrorism squad will take you down or with blow you up with missile. Hahaha what a crap

Brian Rossman says:

Drone Shield and any other jammer type drone defense will most likely only be for government use permanently. Most every country prohibits anyone not them from using any type of jamming equipment.

VD Tech says:

how to gave dat voice??

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