I got to try new STAR WARS Drones in NYC! Propel Star Wars Drone Review and Unboxing, #ForceFriday

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I was lucky enough to try out Propels new Star Wars drones in New York City this week – and I vlogged it! These drones will be released to the public tomorrow, on Force Friday, and retail for $179USD/$249CAD. Watch this video to see my review of the toys, whether the Battle Drones live up to the Star Wars name, and whether – most importantly – they were fun! Aside from the actual review, this vlog features an unboxing, a look at the gadget and the technology that goes into it, and is completely family friendly, and suitable for kids and children of all ages.

At launch, the Propel Star Wars drone will come in three models: the X-Wing Drone, the Tie Advanced Drone, and the Speeder Bike Drone. In addition, you can use the free app to play with your friends, train, and engage in laser-tag esque style drone battles.

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EckhartsLadder says:

This is my first review style video, I hope you guys enjoy! If so make sure to give the video a like so I know to do more!

Chromision says:

Star wars Galaxy (during the galactic civil war) vs xenomorph infestation (from the alien movies) Xenomorphs have fully infected 2 planets within the outer rim and have spread to other planets. The empire does not know about the infestation until the 2 planets have been infected and the rebellion could interfere if they wanted to. When the empire first sends troops to the infected planets they do not know about the xenomorph threat so they send helmetness troops to scout out the area and Xenomorphs infect the troops and multiple Xenomorphs sneak into a shuttle thus boarding the star destroyer above the planet

I would really like to see how this play out and it would be great if you did this

Erevos85 says:

Cylon Raider vs TIE fighter

M. Sean Chapman says:

The First Order vs Gilad Paelleon"s Imperial Remnant of 12 ABY


Hey i was there too!

Conner Ambrose says:

UNSC infinity vs death star (27th attempt)

Filip Jadownicki says:

Wait these were out since last year in Ireland

Neo Terran Soldier says:

GDI Commando vs 4 Republic commando

Legolasisdeath Gaming says:

Do a video on the pride of the core vs executor the pride of the core was the strongest ship built by the republic

Lord Anubis says:

Flood infection forms vs Buzz droids

Lord Anubis says:

Phase III Dark Trooper Vs B3 Ultra Battle Droid

Sim. Frischh says:

Nice stuff, hope they will be released in Europe too.

Tesko250 says:

Lol thought battlefront 2 XD

Speed Killer says:

AAT Battle Tank VS Scorpion Tank ?

filthy casual says:

Star wars victory 2 class star destroyer VS 2 unsc halberd class destroyers (13th try)

Nikolas Floresca says:

you should have the Yuuzhan Vong against the borg. The Vong that's so against technology and the borg that relies so heavily on it would be interesting

Alex Gardunio says:

UNSC Infinity with escort vs Reaper fleet over earth (mass effect 3)

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