6 coolest Drones Of 2017 You Must See

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Freefly ALTA 8

ScientificAerospace cyberQuad

Black Hornet

the DJI Mavic

Silverlit – Pico Falcon

Kudrone: 4K Camera Nano-Drone

EHang 184

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Odin Mathisen says:

Argue beneath corner pitch determination slam mouse.

Airplane P', pp, says:

No link no money

Max Fitz says:

The first drone is and army creation used to Suss out areas

sickpuppy4711 says:

Weyland industries are releasing the 1st gen AI drones at the end of the year

xxxxxx says:

Freefly ALTA 8 cost incl. tax and shipping just 23.166,68 $ USD or 19.385,10 € ! Sorry but this price is insane!

Maximiliano Suarez says:

where the fuck are the links

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