New Drones From DJI – Updates and Innovations – Mavic Pro Platinum – Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian

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Today DJI announced two new quads and a firmware update for their Spark quad at the IFA 2017 show in Berlin. This clip explores this announcement and provides details on the new quads as well as the advantages they provide. I also explain the 2 engineering changes the Mavic Pro Platinum includes that help to improve its efficiency and make it a quieter quad to fly.

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Aron says:

I'm definitely learning. Thanks!

Andreas Toro says:

You just earned a subscriber! Thank you for this video, hope to see more on the platinum.

Jason Baker says:

Any idea if the batteries are the same? If the batteries are better are they also compatible with the regular Mavic?

Brendan O'Mara says:

Rick, I'm not in the market for a quad right now as I'm waiting for my Spark to come, and I have a Phantom 3 Pro and a Mavic Pro, but I absolutely love listening to you explain things from a technology perspective, because I want to know about that stuff! Thanks for another awesome video!

Jason Jackson says:

Rick. Excellent video update. DJI [as always] continue to push the quality envelope in their product upgrades. Mandatory updates [under the threat of bricking] ensure that their product liability and quality reputation remain intact. There are lots of good models to choose from in the lineup. Now all DJI needs to do is make a completely water proof model and that will complete their lineup.


Florida USA

Brian B says:

Really enjoy your viddys!

Bob Johnson says:

Phantom 4's run hot.
On a hot day, would you rather sit in a black car because it looks cool?
Or would rather sit in a white car, which absorbs the least heat possible?
Oh, and..flying over a lake isn't relaxing. DJI GO4 crashes all the time.

A3Kr0n says:

I"d like to know why I need no less than three DJI GO apps running in the background all the time, and when I stop them they start up again without ever using the app.

Fishinglam says:

You make a very comprehensive account of the improvement of the new drones, really learned a lot. I like the way you positively see the way forwards and appreciated the nice things that the company could offer. Hope to see more from your channel soon.

jchrism8 says:

Is there a quieter propeller for the Phantom 3

Eric Cohen says:

Rick, you continue to amaze with your knowledge and insight!!! Great information, well done!!! Than You

FlatEarth Photography says:

not much of a change then… 3 minutes flight time? that is why you have 3 batteries. Also the controller will not last over 3 flight anyway with it's battery. More quiet? I want to hear the mavic spinning. 🙂

Andy Quiko says:

I don't belive in. DJI anymore.

DroneWolf Media says:

Thanks for sharing Rick! Great video!

Kristian Jay says:

They are as bad as sony. The mavic just came out let us enjoy that for a while

Jhonny Avendaño says:

great video

Daytona 6263 says:

Perfect, balanced and really informative review Rick. You are the oracle of this amazing hobby! Keep it up!

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