Alpha Fire Wyvern vs 100 ATTACK DRONES || ARK: Survival Evolved || Cantex

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Alpha Fire Wyvern vs 100 Attack Drones
Btw.The drones are tameable from patch 267.21 (thats a bug)

map: Eventmap
binoculars mod: SELMods

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Music: Elektronomia – Energy [NCS Release]

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XimerTracks - NCS Music & Remixes says:

@Cantex. Hey, I see you're a youtuber too, I thought you might want to use some of my music. I reckon my music would up your game youtube com/XimerTracks

Jordan S says:

Ich bin schon seid 1000 Abos dabei

[ Madman ] says:

Tek rex vs as many defense units as you wish

Jaycee Allen says:

I identify as an attack hellicopter

Battlefront Clips says:

Use different music

Explosive VegetableDevice says:

Star Wars battlefront 2 looks great

Husnain Shahid says:


ANKA Gaming says:

Hey cantex lvl 1000000000 dodo vs 10 lvl 1000000 Giganotosaurus please

iTz Bandit says:

Take off the dumb ass music like really ark is not the type of game for music

Paamji says:

he cant take on 10 lmao

zachary marks says:

alpha rex v 100 defence unit

F5 Hypez says:

Hey Cantex I really enjoyed this video and I would like to congratulate you on 20K subs!! I hope you grow to 50k bro and it would also mean a lot to me if you could check out my ark series!! Ty

godzillosaurus axk says:

50 attack drones vs 20 allozaurs

MisterSunny D says:

Do you have to play that god awful music. Extremely over used.

Lâm Cảnh says:

Only one fire breath.. and the wyvern wins right away

روز ﻻيف says:

Rex vs Carno

Lobster RockGaming says:

10 tek rexes vs lvl 1 wyvern alpha fire all level 1

warlockostia says:

that perfectly shows how dumb is ark AI. The wyvern can't attack because of its turning angle.

Cam Belcher says:

Check out my PS4 Nitrado hosted server. NERD PARADE Inspired PvP w / Events!

Kitty Ender says:

How did I not see this channel it's amazing

Le Crapaud Biscornu says:

The security system works, pretty well.

DragonDude11480 says:

Alpha wyvern vs dodo wyvern

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