Cheap Motors for FPV Quadcopters and Racing Drones

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More than a few of you objected to the fact that the HypeTrain motors are $25, and you asked if I would suggest some cheap motors that you can buy instead. Here they are!

All of the products below are recommended because I think they’re good products that you will be happy with. The Banggood links below are affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission if you use them.

RCX RS2206 V3 2400kv, $11

* MyRCMart –

BrotherHobby Returner R2, $14

* Banggood –
* Catalyst Machineworks –
* FPV Model –

Armattan Oomph 2206/2300kv, $20

* Armattan –

BrotherHobby Returner R3 2206/260kv, $20

* Banggood –

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FlashBack7777 says:

I think I have to put some separated comment here, maybe even this comment will worth to be pinned 🙂
Here is a huge army of racerstar fans, so I want to note few things for them as they all say same – 28$ ! And don't see other arguments. So, before you will say – hey, racerstar is good motor, ask yourself few questions :
1. Have you noticed horizontal and vertical backlash on them ?
2. Try to fix shaft in drill and rotate, will not ass of motor play?
3. All motors have same sound when you rotate them ?
4. Have you tried any really good motor to compare ? Flying and checking backlashes and so on ? If not -try and then ask questions 1-3 again.
I think Joshua made very well placing title Good Cheap Motors. Not just cheap, but also good.
And don't need to say me – you have to try them! I had 2 sets and friend had one. All BR2205S. In addition I can say that BR2205S-2300kv I bought, and BR2205S-2600kv I got for review (and I got 2 bent shafts on them from the box. And I was first one who was able to get 950g on them from reviewers, others had 750-800g, but not only thrust matters ). After that review BG don't sends me items anymore and I am quite happy with that, as I don't want to say lie and true is quite bad.
What is bad in BR2205S ?
1. Shaft has wrong wrong diameter. 2.93 to 2.96mm instead of 3mm. You can chech that easily if you have enough precise tool.
2. Some shafts are cone shape, like 2.94 one side and 2.96 other side.
3. Shafts are made from some junk called steel by mistake… When you hit gate by a prop shaft bends. (to prevent comments like – oh, I have them and never bent shaft – I can say only one, rise your camera angle from 20 degrees to 50 and fly fast, then return here and read again).
4. Shaft can be even bent by hand if you have solid prop, just take prop in hand and apply force. Or you can put nail inside hole in shaft and bend whenever you want.
5. Ball bearings. That is a pain on them. Some of them have terrible noise right out the box. Others get sound after few flies.

I think that is quite enough to remove racerstart motors from good motor list. Yes, they are one of the first in cheapest list, but not in good motors. So I fully agree with Joshua about not placing them in list. On his place I will never want to get comment like : Hey, you said they are good, but I bought and they are junk… Nobody wants to get such blame.

In any case you are free to spend your money in way you want. You can buy racerstar and be happy with them. Just don't ask why these motors are not in this video.

rolliseventeen says:

Hello Joshua, thx for the list of motors. Finding the right motor is much more difficult than other parts (ok, frame 🙂 so every review is interesting. as a fanboy of good motors i found some interesting engines added to my list behind the efaws, and oomph velvet: the ZMX FinX Series. They have a new endurance machine called the ZMX FinX40. only 1500kv but on 6S KK6X4 props. Not for race, not for freestyle, i think its more for a FPV trainer and it has interesting bros in this series. i hope mqtb will test it, of course its no usual race motor. i waited so long for a such a low kv motor, there are no other good new motors in this class. Or not?

Jesse Gibb says:

Wow guys. This post went right to, "but if your new then cheap is good!" arguments. I think we can all say if your on a budget and want to fly, get going. Yes, you may have some different (frusterating??) experiences than if you would/could have spent a bit more money on your hardware, and those frusterations might make this hobby much less fun for you, but, if your not flying at all then your not in the hobby at all.I spent money when I got in (ouch), but have had a well built (learned to solder while building my first quad so, 'well built' is relative) quad that has not given me any problems I haven't caused for myself (40 foot out of control to concrete). I learned a ton going with a parts list and buliding my own, and loved (love) every bit of it. I AM looking at these 25 dollar motors (hypetrain) and may pull the trigger on them once they are back in stock, or I may get some Oomph instead. I'm rocking Cobra 2205 2300kv motors on my first build and kinda want a higher KV on the next one. I'm only freestyle now as I am really very new to this and am flying by my lonesome as I dont know anyone else in my area yet thats doing this kind of thing. (not really wanting to do the RC club thing, just want some buddies to fly with).In the end you do get what you pay for (I'm sure there is a floor and cealing to this statement), so just be prepared and be informed. THANK you Joshua for your guideance and commitment to the community. I appreciate you

Brian Butcher says:

It seems like hi end motor manufactures are moving away from CW CCW shafts which sucks for us racers. I know they all say that the nylock nut will keep the prop on but when you knick a gate or a limb with you #4 motor it will spin the prop off and lose the nut too. I knick gates and flags and small limbs all the time and recover no problem but when the prop spins off there is no recovery. I really like the DYS Fire 2600kv because they are still offered in CW and CCW config.

Elefkara says:

the rcx 2206 v3 are nothing less than impressive for the price. Compared to a racestar ( which I own ) is night and day. They are very durable, as powerful as the new BH r5 and almost as smooth as my top shelf 25dollar motor. I also own the 2205 v3 2400kv which I have on one of my racers . They are a dollar cheaper put out way more thrust than the br2205s , are more durable and weigh a freaking 26 grams.

Dedicated 2 Drones says:

Hey Josh, Firstly, thanks for all you do for the hobby and for the massive amount of info that your channel helps all of us with!
Also to break the monotony of the racerstar discussion…

I wanted to ask if you have any experience with X-Foot motors? The 2207 2600kv at $21 are only a dollar over the 'mid price' motors on your list… Made by SunnySky to X-Foot specific spec with silver windings! see here –

Danny G says:

Spend some money! Get the Brotherhobby motors! One twist with your fingers and you can tell the windings, magnets and bearings are of super high quality!

Jack Truong says:

Do you have a shopping list for motor bearing like the one you had for cap? Ppl said change the bearing, for some motors it is easily but many do not sell bearing separately.

diego says:

Thanks, that was a good video.

Primo Cruz says:

Thanks for your response, went and got 4 of these things thinking I could use them, that sucks.


love the videos and love your dog! keep killin it dude!

paul carvalho says:

Hi Joshua, great videos have learned a ton from watching them, i'm building an all around superlight 5" quad and i was looking at the hyperlight 2204 3000kv motors, I'm looking for a lightweight (20g) motor that is not going to distroy my battery yet has some nice competitive performance, would these be a good choice or would you recommend some other lightweight motors?

Kevin Kolinen says:

Have t actually flown them yet(waiting on missing hardware) but the RDQ 2205 2450 "bad a$$ racing motor" seems nice. At $13.50 a motor, they sure knock racerstar out of the running and I'm sure they are similar to the returner 2, at less of a cost. Anyone had any experience with actual flight characteristics or how well they hold up?

Nor Cal Fpv says:

Brother Hobby Returner R2 Ghost Edition 2205 2555kv are a great racing motor at only $52 for a set of 4.

Dave Pierce says:

Really great video Joshua … this type of information is so valuable to the community. I look forward to the release of the site you mentioned, it sounds wonderful.
Cheers my friend …

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