Top 10 Drones 2016

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You will find out about the best drones in the world; DJI Inspire, DJI Phantom, Air Dog, Ghost Drone, Plexi Drone, CyPhy, Sky Prowler, Lilly, Sprite and B Unstoppable Flying Tank.

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DJI Phantom 4:
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Here are the 10 devices:

#10 – Plexi Drone (
#9 – CyPhy (
#8 – Ghost 2.0 (
#7 – Sky Prowler (
#6 – Air Dog (
#5 – DJI Inspire 1 (
#4 – B Unstoppable Flying Tank (
#3 – Sprite (
#2 – DJI Phantom 4 (
#1 – Lilly (


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Everything is Here says:

Hello, please you can tell me that where did you get your product video to review it on YouTube. Please tell me, please

Maria Patino says:

this drones are not for kid

Tech Force says:

Hey guys, what drone do you think is the best and why! Be sure to tell me in the comments below. Thanks! 🙂

Liam Patterson says:

I want the air dog

kauzachun says:

Cool !! Im thinking to buy one of those , i have to break my piggy bank
Well done , more videos please

Hilary Wong says:

this is great i a home inspector this is great

DirtyWhiteGinch says:

The Plexidrone isn't even on the market so you should not be listing it. I ordered it almost 2 years ago and they still aren't shipping or even close…
So if you're listing the best theoretical drones then sure keep it on the list.

Capebreton DroneFlights says: Anything helps guys

yhonny Sanchez says:

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Commando8w says:

I want this so bad

Roger Maki says:

I liked the video but who decides which one is #1 and based on what conclusion? I ordered at the beginning Lily for $400, And the plexidrone which listed that one number #1 at 7 best drones for 2016 video. But either way I'll have both #1's.

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