How to safely film People with DJI Drones

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Learn how to safely film people, actors, actresses, models with your drone. Take a look at the best consumer drone in 2017 here:

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Ray says:

That girl is stoned or Drunk or both.

Gian Volante says:

Cheers Tom
Awesome channel Buddy!

Dennis Hinkammp says:

carbon props are bad for many reasons but I don't think they would hurt people much more than the regular props. The plastic props will still cut you up.

Dashz says:

With Dji and any other drones, everyone has an obssesion with making their mouths full of Dji.

Askaly says:

Can I become a steak?

Shawn Talbot says:

On the Phantom 4 if using prop guards will the drone turn off the bottom sensors?

ajlbeer says:

Great tip about the drone as a hand held steadicam! (p.s that lava field looks really painful to walk on! Acting can be a tough gig 🙂 )

Thanks again for all the work you share Tom. It is highly appreciated. I am donating what I can for the moment. Cheers!

Exploring the World with John says:

Why isn’t she wearing shoes in a dessert?

Stephen Prescott says:

Thanks Tom . Very helpful as always

Donald Cagle says:

What a great story line an as always such great tips.

Brody Magerkurth says:

notice me senpai

Bikes & Drones says:

Thanks for the advice. I think the flying at least 30m away from people is ridiculous. People can drive cars 1m or less from pedestrians and that is OK according to authorities. Common sense is not as common as we would like with regulators.

Dick Gibson says:

Very good thanks

Tom's Tech Time says:

Hey there, feel free to support my work for free (or leave a PayPal donation) at:
Check out DJIs lately launched drone here:
Stay tuned and fly safe!

Stan Cook says:

Thanks Tom. I'm looking forward to my Mavic Platinum coming in a week or so.

Jumay Anchu says:

Nice video ttt

Magnum says:

Great suggestions, Tom! I like the handheld option for closeups. Nicely done.

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