I am giving away 5 RC Drones

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5 RC Drones Giveaway contests coming soon. Yes you see it right, I am giving away 5 RC Drones. Come and join these 5 RC Drones Giveaway contests and you may win one, or more than one or who knows all if you are lucky enough. You can now participate in all these 5 RC Drone Giveaway contests and get a chance to win a 4K HD Camera Follow me Drone, and 4 other RC Toy drones. Check out the following link to enter to win Geniusidea 4k HD Camera Follow me Drone. Come back to this video often as I will be posting more drone Giveaway contests links right here in this description.

Do Remember, Get an AliShanMao Mug means, you actually order one mug from the site page 😀

Geniusidea 4K HD Camera Follow me Drone giveaway contest

You can also find all these and upcoming Giveaway contests on my Facebook pages here.

We are FPV Pilots

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Sterling says:

Really Ali, someone would cheap for a giveaway quadcopter that they could easily buy? Wow! Well you do a very nice job on your youtube channel which keeps me subscribed and good luck to all the winners…!

Jezzimo Davis says:

Huge fan mate ,I'm in like Flynn 🙂 🙂

Sal Vazquez says:

I want something please

RCFun's_diversions says:

That robot looks dangerous… lol

Ghost Ryder FPV says:

Reporting from soon-to-be Ground Zero of Hurricane Irma's path. It would be pretty sick to have a 4k drone ti film the results, no?

Knight Rider says:

Sadly i dont have proper drone for this contest T_T

robnh133 says:

Sound good to me!

macX dim says:

Im excited for this. I hope im gonna selected one of your lucky winners. Anyway what is the mechanics?

Garcia Dexter says:

Nice nice sir!!!!!

Dylan Witt says:

It cost more to ship to me than it's worth. Good luck to who wins

Ted Espin says:

5 drone giveaway !! You are one awesome dude there Alishanmao , count me in . It seems that i need to wait 5hrs. but i will be back , thank you and good luck to all who enters.

Faraz Munir says:

Hahaha very funny.dear i asked a favour from you before about contact of Dubai

sammooK RAS says:

WalaykumsalamNice one !

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