Star Wars drones battle mid-air at 35mph

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Propel is releasing a line of limited-edition Star Wars themed drones, built specifically for laser battling.

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The Racing Squirtle says:

How do u get them to shoot real visible lasers?

HBS981 says:

You can't patent putting motors upside down!! That's just something people do. You didn't develop that!

Sebastian Zelek says:

shooting with the aux weapons when the lasers shoot green doesn't allow you to hit the ex wing right? What button or weapon do you press to shoot other drones?

Stephen Lozano says:

These thing fly remarkably well! I have the Tie Fighter.

Present, the Jack Russell says:

down prop is excellent for producer as they will be replaced fast and frequent! While the drone looks nice from display stand point! Good job!

Sean Bannister says:

The click bait is strong with this one.

Kyle Pasta says:

bad ass
Get like 30 and mega battle

Miike08 Pennia says:

That is going to be the best Christmas gift for the the kids to play!!!!

Anik Alam says:

Cool idea but i'd say fuck it.

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