$20 Drone for Beginners with Pro Tips for Flying Drones – H5 – TheRcSaylors

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Buy it here: https://goo.gl/RHkwe3
If you have been interested in flying drones, but don’t want to break the bank to start the hobby, then thisis an awesome budget friendly drone for you. With pro tips mentioned throughout the video, you will master flying this drone in no time with zero headache! We hope you enjoy this review of the H5 quadcopter as well as the flying tips we mentioned throughout the video! If you did, smash that subscribe button!

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/RHkwe3
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tarik islam says:

Hello, I need your help. Please help me

JeffFrmJoisey says:

Thanks for the tips!! My $40 1st drone is a clone of this drone, a LIDI RC. Either I'm a bad pilot, or my throttle is too sensitive. I can never get it to hover as well as you guys do. As a beginner, I used the prop guards. Took me almost an hour to get it down from the "drone eating tree." If I left them off it would have just fallen to the ground and saved me lots of time.

jaredrcarlson says:

Great video!
I was starting to get bored for a minute, but then… "Hey Cleatus, whad'ya say we see how high this'ear drone cun-go?"
I love how your wife can't keep herself from laughing even though this probably isn't the first time she's heard you do the Cleatus bit.

Keep up the good work you two 🙂

Joseph Erickson says:

Awesome video cool little drone

Herman Neufeld says:

you guys are funny

Alan Savage says:

Excellent video & great tips Nate & Abby!!

kevin farrell says:

Tips a lot better than the quad. Ok for price at least u want have to worry about crashing it.

SubatomicMD says:

Mount an all in one (AIO) FPV camera

Paul Thompson says:

Another Syma X5C clone? Looks like a JJRC H5

Joshua C. says:

This reminds me of the waterproof one you reviewed a while back. Just with worse flips. 😛
And that "glass box" trick also works while you're learning acro with a racing drone.
I lost an FQ-777 pocket drone on its FIRST FLIGHT by flying it too high and losing orientation… so yeah, keep it low while you're learning!
Most drones can also experience wake vortex turbulence!!!
If you descend rapidly from a high altitude, you can begin the "wobble of death", where the aircraft continues descending despite you applying power. The best thing you can do is command a full pitch to the side to try to have it escape the vortex.
Ultra high performance race drones are less vulnerable to this due to having such an insanely high thrust to weight ratio that they can punch straight through the turbulence…

Hell Houndz Productions says:

as the drong drifts off 90o to the right its compass is a lil off
Rofl! oh Nathan!

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