NEVER buy one of these DRONES (GoPro KARMA)

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This is NOT a GoPro KARMA review because I didn’t get to fly the GoPro Karma until late at night. Just buy a DJI drone instead of the KARMA from GoPro.

Products featured in this video:
• The Camera:
• Microphone:
• Bendy Tripod:

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Thanks for watching and see you again tomorrow for another Daily Vlog @ 6pm UK time!

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MarzBarVlogs says:

360P Squad is Early Squad! 4K option will be available soon MarziPans! <3 Smash like and thanks for all the support! Will do some more testing of the Karma tomorrow!! <3

mark smith says:

Just catching up aa been back in England from create for 2 weeks couldn't watch all my u tube videos

James Williams says:

I went to that mall it’s in Barcelona it’s massive!

Isaac Tantram says:

Have more fun trips to spain

BassHead Buddhist says:

Extremely disappointed yous didnt buy the cool looking swegway,, insted u got this shittttyyyy drone that ended up sucking balls …well i guess its karma!

HJ9!™ says:

Alex, why don't you do a giveaway about the Segways that you don't use yet

Hayden Sharpe says:

Marz bar subed me

Picico says:

Don't tell me what to buy and what not to buy

Beartastic says:

You're a tool…

B C says:

Alex The Karma i believe is under recall or something close to that

Xsellize1337 says:

Can't you just return it within 14 days if your not satisfied with it? We can do that here in Denmark? 🙂

spaladon says:

Such a huge 360p squad this video!!!

Zentaur says:

Night drone flying is restricted in spain

spaladon says:

The 'muck' on the lens has been there for soooo long hahaha

hazard slap says:

stop putting found music

V 03 says:

Try the drone out at daytime please

Perry will Game says:

Don't get it if you won't

Grigorije Lav Stefanovic says:

She's not going to kill u cause she's not ur wife…chill

Lauren Thanks says:

£10 iTunes love your videos best motivation.

matt boxall says:

Karma is a rubbish drone. Great idea but just a fail.
I have the mavic and it's amazing.
Want a drone go with dji.
Wang a action camera go with go pro. Just not there drone.

GeoCTG says:

Snapchat squad

George Cooper says:

Snapchat squad

SkellyKat Gaming says:

Can you please send me the emails you use to get your technology with

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